I'm not impressed...

I had a Fuze for years and loved it. Unfortunately, I broke it. Looking to buy a new player, I figured a Fuze+ would be better.

Boy, was I wrong.

I got it today and am not impressed at all.

The user interface is horrible. OK, I’ll try and tough it out and learn it, but so far want to give up. And what’s up with the volume? I could barely hear it on the normal setting, and even turning it up all the way on “High” is not enough.

No, I don’t listen to my music with it blaring in my ears, but if I’m in the yard and my neighbor is cutting his grass, Full volume on “High” is what would have been normal on my old Fuze.

I dunno…I’m seriously considering sending this thing back and spending the extra bucks to get another Fuze.

The Fuze+ is a new breed, as you’ve found.  It uses the Freescale processor, quite different.  One thing it does have is a sufficient audio output, so this is strange.

Definitely try updating the firmware to the latest build using the Sansa Updater, or install it manually following the instructions in the firmware thread.

Please note that the oddball LOCK function of the original firmware is a real toad. After updating, you’ll find that the lock function (it disables the touch pad, but not the volume controls), is accessed by a brief press of the power button.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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also make sure your earbuds cable is in all the way and it’s not just your earbuds. Mine works fine in terms of volume, UI is OK.

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And if you chose Europe as your desired region when first firing it up (or bought it there) there’s an EU-mandated volume restriction in place. You can get around this by resetting the factory defaults and selecting anything other than Europe as your ‘region’.

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EU is intersting I’m using it, so far its fine.