I'm glad to be with you !!!

Hi everyone,

First, sorry for my english…  :slight_smile:

I’m a new owner of a Sansa Fuze 4Gb and i’ve put a 4Gb card, for a 8Gb total space. My last MP3 it was a Zune 8Gb, but i really don’t like the software (and I really HATE MP3 player that need to be sync), why i’ve choose the Sansa Fuze with a simple Drag N Drop. 

And i’m glad to see that player is compatible with MonkeyMedia… OMG OMG OMG!!! I’ve start Monkey Media and I can see the Sansa…

I’ve put some MP3 into my Sansa and i’m very satisfy with this great player…

Welcome! :slight_smile: Now that you are a Fuze fan, the next step is Rockbox. If you have a version #1 Fuze, you can install the Rockbox open source firmware and enjoy all the quality it provides.

I know RockBox, but how can I see if i have the version 1 ???

By the OEM firmware on your Fuze. Go into System settings and look in the “Info” tab. If the “Version”, at the top of the screen starts with “V02”, it is version 2. If it starts with “V01”, it is version 1.

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v2… :frowning:

So i cannot install RockBox?

Not yet, anyway. But they are working on the v2 version.