ID3 Tags version on Click+ ?I

Can’t find anyway this (crutial for foreigners) information ! I’m planning to buy a Clip + but would like to know it BEFORE !!!

For “intrepid testers”, if none can answer , here are the basics discreminating tests :

  • V 1 is old and mostly replaced by V.2, exept for veeeeeeeeery old software (can be identified by filenames in 7bits ASCII, legnth limited to 8 charaters). But maybe used by lazy manufacturers*…

V  2.1 and 2.2 have not been really used in practice.but intruce many other fields as “volume numbers” and track numbers (usefull for multi CD albums). Nothing to do with the way V1 is implemented (it can also store jackets pictures)

V 2.3 is mostly the same as previous version but also  accepts ASCII 8 bits and (useless) UTF[16] unicode characters in all names.

V 2.4 is mostly the same as V 2.4 with (very usefull) UTF[8] support.

Here are UTF[8] " e acute" to test -> ‘é’ and an  “a” grave ‘à’ if it can help.

All standard spec’s on ID3 page 

Thanks to all the intrepids :slight_smile:

(*) Implementations code of V 2.4 exist and can freely be used !

Like every other Sansa I’ve used (and I’ve used most of them), the Clip+ works best with tags in ID3 v2.3 format, with ISO 8859-1 (Latin) encoding. Other formats are not as well supported, and UTF in particular is known to be problematic.

Too bad :frowning:

UTF8 is now in fact the norm…

I will have to write a (Perl) script to convert utf8 filled fields to old ASCII ISO-Latint 1 !

Otherwise, many thanks for your reply : I will recall sansa = 2.3 (for now, let’s hope).