ICO files for Sandisk

I have a couple of sandisk USB flash drives and was wondering if there are any .ico files with the image of a USB Flash Drive on them that I could download. When I plug in my stick I would like to see a stick drive icon rather than the generic Storage device that appears. My intent is to include this .ico file in the autorun.

Would like to add that I have the SanDisk Contour USB and have been very happy with it.

A clever question.

What I have done to id my USB drives is use a picture of myself, saved as an ico file, and added it to the USB drive and autorun file.

I’m not aware of any ico images to be download from the SanDisk site.  But a search of the web for pictures of USB drives or SanDisk USB drives in particular could be downloaded and tweaked, I use simple old Paint for tweaking images, then convert them into icos using an app called IrfanView.

It may take you a bit of time to create what you want but it’s definately doable. 

the .ico file that is used on sandisk drives is pulled from the club sandisk software (download availabel on the sandisk knoledgebase) here is the autorun inf. if you deleted it just create a new one and put the club sandisk app on the drive with the autorun.inf


see this also:


You can just get an icon from an icon source, like


And in your AutoRun.ing file (create if it is not already there), add the following tag

icon=<filename of the downloaded icon>.ico