I want to buy a 8gb fuze but I am confused...

What is the difference between model  # SDMX14R-008GKA57 and model SDMX14R-008GS-A70? It seems like the A70 is newer but I don’t see any descriptive differences (the A57 is a litttle cheaper :slight_smile: .  I’m not sure if this is what is mentioned in the FAQs as version 1 and 2.



Yeah, I think it is v1 and v2. The v1 and v2 are functionally identical, there are just differences in the internal hardware.

Go with a v1 Fuze if you ever plan on trying out Rockbox. Otherwise they are the same to us users :slight_smile:

I love my v1 Fuze!

What is Rockbox?


If somebody who has a V2 would help out there, there will be Rockbox for that, as well. I think one of the developers was recently sent a V2, so we should see some work on that soon.

I would get a V1 if possible. It seems that most of the players that self-brick to a whitescreen of death or won’t power on are V2 players. This problem does not seem to be widespread, but there are multiple reports of it in these forums. Also note that a major cause of whitescreen on both versions is a cracked LCD. In those cases the player operates and is not bricked. Most of these are probably caused from physical damage due to misuse.