I think we should be able to put a picture as our backround on our fuze and adding a pandora feature

The backround on mine is alittle boring but all the player would really need is a firmware update!!!Like I said before with the letting the fuze surf the web,this would be another feature along with the pandora thing!!!This would of course let the fuze connect to the internet,using wifi or 3g!!!I think this would greatly improve the fuze!!!So lets recap the fuze would stream pandora,have picture backrounds,have a full keyboard(this was mentioned in the message about letting the fuze surf the web!!!),take pictures,record videos,surf the web and many other things!!!I am thinking this attachment to allow the fuze to do these things would be priced around 80-100 dollars( if they could make it cheaper than that it would be great)!!!

They call that a BlackBerry.

Yeah for that kind of money you could probably just ebay old Android phone, pull out the SIM and use it with Wifi for internet access.