i need help

so i called in to get my Sandish Fuze 4gb black and they told me that they will replace it. the guy who helpped me said that you will get an email confirmation(i never recieved that email and i i think the guy wrote my email wrong lol)and it will take 7-8 bussiness days to get thier( i don’t know if its the box for the the old to go in or the new one iam gettig).

but he did give me number which read something like this rx******

my questions is should i call to make sure its right and whats the number for?

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Edit your email out of this public forum unless you want to get a bucketload of spam.

The number is probably your case number. Call 1-866-SANDISK, give them that number, and have them check that they have your right email address. 

k thnx

Did you set up an ‘E-Box’ on the SanDisk site? This is how they communicate with you, not through your private e-mail address.

In this E-Box, you should find a message with a link in it, that when you follow the link it will take you to a printable shipping label page. You print this out on your home computer/printer and attach it to the package containing your defective player. Using this shipping label assures that 1.) the package gets to the right place, so it can be received and verifed defective to expedite your replacement and 2.) SanDisk pays for the return shipping, so you don’t have to.

The number they gave you could be your case, or reference number, or it could be your RMA # (Returned Merchandise Authorization).

oooo k i will try that thank you so much

wait were do i go?

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i just cheacked my e box and thier is no link or message. mybe i didn’t check the right thing?

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