I need a walk thru -- screen is black

So I use the clip for the gym, and after lots of use, the weights have just damaged the screen I guess to make it black. So it pl ays everything Just I cant see the screen. When I plug the clip into the computer, I remember it reset it to some main screen. I need a walk-thru to get to the mp3 music. Last time I tried, got stuck on radio lol.

Thanks a lot!

If you’re on the radio, press the small home button, up, right, up, and then right again–on my player, that gets me to play all.

Thanks, I mainly need a walk-thru from main menu, for everytime I charge it, the player resets to main menu.

I’m not sure what your main menu might be, but try:  press the small home button, right, right.  If that doesn’t work, try right, right alone.  Hope that works–