I lost all the files in 64gb model and 32gb model both of them says unknown usb device

I lost almost lot of files i stored its new pendrive i don’t know why it says this error i bought this from amazon if it works like this i won’t buy this product again

one is 64gb sandisk cruzer blade
second one is 32gb sandisk cruzer blade

Did you remove them from the pc without using the Windows Safe to Remove option?

Did you shut the pc down with them plugged in?

Did you run a CHKDSK command on them?

I think i just screenshot what the error msg i got i don’t see any usb drive on my pc then how can i use chkdsk option

What does Disk MANAGER show when the drive is plugged in? Does File Manager show the drive?

No, the usb disk was not shown in the disk manager

Try them with another pc. If that works, copy all your files off of them.

To have it happen to one drive it could be a glitch, to have it happen to two different drives implies to me that you may be having problems with heat, low voltage, an OS glitch.