I have tried EVERY method of resetting my Sansa Clips without no luck!

To date I have gone through EIGHT Sansa Clip/Clip + players. Most  worked fine until I lost them, they got stolen or I gave them away after I moved on. That said, ever since I have used the latest firmware upgrade (01.02.16) I have every single one freeze up.This includes 5 recertified and 1 brand new player. All have been the 4GB Clip + models. 

Obviously I have read every forum I can find to fix the problem and have attempted every reset method listed:

1. Hold Power Button for 20 (and 25 and 35 and 45 and 1 minute and 2 minutes etc). Let go. Press power.

2. Hold Power Button for 20 seconds while holding the volume button up. Let go. Press power.

3. Hold Power Button for 20 seconds while holding the volume button down.Let go. Press power.

4. Hold Power button and the immediately push the Menu (“house”) button and hold for 20 seconds. Let go.

5. Hold Power button and the immediately push the Center button and hold for 20 seconds. Let go.

6. Hold Power button for 20 seconds. Let go and throw against the wall.

7. Wait 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, until my birthday and eventually it will come back to life.

All options have been tried with both the USB cord plugged in and unplugged. I have purposely used two different computers, one with Windows XP and one with Windows 7. I have tried loading the update with the Sansa Updater and manually. 

I don’t get an error message about FAT corruption. I don’t get anything. No power at all.

Ironically I still have a usable Clip (round dial) with the older firmware version on it (V01.01.32A) and it works fine. I load it from the same computer - same mp3s. No problems.

Obviously the problem must lie with me because it is not possible that this many players could just randomly go bad and freeze up. That said I have come to the conclusion that the new firmware is the problem based on every single one of the players with the new firmware freezing whereas the one with the old firmware has remained working perfectly fine, with the minor exception that the clip broke off which is why I I intially bought a second one.

My question is, is anyone else having any problem bring their Clip + back to life after trying every single one of the reset options posted?

Thanks for reading and for allowing me to vent. :slight_smile:  

WELL, I got 2 of the clip+ and 1 of them was bad ------they replaced it----- I reset to factory defaults and all is fine --just had a problem puttin the bible on one --that was my fault—did not convert-- you know what I think??? you are having a run of bad luck! keep on tring and someone will post a reply and tell you what to do , I am an OLD MAN and can’t remember a lot. —OK–what was the question???

Mine has firmware 1.02.15 and went dead in the beginning of January 2012. I tried resetting the options with holding down the power button, holding the power button and pressing the home key and holding the power button and pressing the middle key and nothing seemed to work. It was dead or appeared to be. I use an external USB adapter and even that failed to bring it to life. The next day I held down the power button for 30 - 60 seconds then pressed the power button again as soon as the time was up and it sprang to life. It has been working fine since then.

I have the same problem completely dead; I’ve had the unit 2 weeks and this happened to me after the battery completely drained, it doesn’t seem to want to charge or boot.

I’ll be seeing what the RMA process is like on Monday :frowning:

Love the unit hope to get a stable one next time.