I have just lost all photos from a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card when being read by my card reader to my imac

I was reading files (photos) from my SD card to my imac and the card reader disconnected somehow, when I tried to access it again no files were found, but it was in the process of importing 70 images when it became unaccessible
Can I recover these files

Firstly check if the images are hidden or not. Try to access the card on a different device and see if you can see the photos. Otherwise, you may have to use a recovery software like Stellar Photo recovery. This tool will help you recover the photos from your Sd card.

Well, the SD card might have experienced a data corruption or interruption during the transfer process. Typically, reformatting the SD card can resolve logical damaged issues. Here are a few steps you can try to recover your photos:

Restart your iMac and SD Card Reader: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve connectivity issues. Ensure both your iMac and the SD card reader are powered off and then restart them.

Try a Different SD Card Reader or Computer: If possible, try using a different SD card reader or insert the SD card into another computer (Windows or another macOS device) to see if it can be detected there.

Check Disk Utility (macOS):

  • Insert the SD card back into your iMac.
  • Open Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility).
  • Look for the SD card in the left sidebar.
  • If it appears, select it and click on First Aid to repair any possible file system issues.

If Disk Utility doesn’t detect the SD card or cannot repair it, you may need to use data recovery software designed for macOS. Tools like Disk Drill, DMDE and R-studio are good options. They can often recover files even from corrupted or formatted SD cards.