I have a mp3 player from the BOP, can i access music while it is "expired"

I want to know if it is possible to access your music while it is “expired”.  I would love to just be able to transfer that music from the clip to my e260.

I am not being cheap or anything i will pay the 15 dollars just want to get to my music much quicker,

any info would be greatly appreciated.



This has come up a couple of times before. These players issued by the BOP are locked down tight, and there’s no known ‘hack’ to get around it.

You’ll have to send the player into the company the BOP uses to modify thises things and pay the fee to have them unlock it for you. I believe it’s $25.

Sounds fair enough to me. $25 is not that much anyway when we get those tons of audio. I would just subscribe to one.

how about people who can’t afford the $25.00 how are they gonna do it?

Its kind of ridiculous that they want essentially the price of a Clip+ just to let you use something you already bought, but I took a quick look and didn’t see any obvious way to remove the restriction in the firmware they use. If someone is interested in hacking it, they might have more luck.