Bought the e260 on ebay

and it did NOT come with any software…is there anyway i can purchase the software seperately, or is there anything i can do? or am i screwed? thanks in advance and sorry if the overall question is stupid!

someone has to have some kind of answer?

dang, i just want to know if im screwed or not. if i am, im just going to flame the guy on ebay, and go buy another sansa from bestbuy this weekend, so i can get the software anyway. i just want to know if thats my only choice. please dont just view and not reply…

You can place music on the device without the software, all you need is Windows Media Player 10 or above.

thanks man i appreciate it.

no problem, enjoy your sansa!

Yeah, you don’t really need to software as far as I’m aware.  I’ve been using my Sansa for about a month now and have never had to download software.  But I only really use for music so not sure if that matters

You need software if you plan to copy pictures or video to the device.

i hate windows media player…I never figured out how to use it.  I use Mediamonkey and its great with limewire…just drag and drop.

ew you use LimeWire? Good luck to you then with your player.

I tried LimeWire once, and my player got all sorts of messed up. I had to reformat the whole thing. Was not pleased with that. Never again will I use LimeWire.

Purchased songs are so much better imo.