i got a problem with my m240

i cant download songs to my mp3 when i put the usb it stucks the pc i got pentium 3 and xp professional

in other pc it was ok i mean it downloaded songs but it wasnt with my usb

help plz

you should give sandisk a call at 866.sandisk. Your explaination isn’t very good so its gonna be hard for people to help you.

Is  it detected by the pc? what does it say on the lcd screen of the player when connected?

what do u mean? the mp3 folder doesnt appear on my computer

what you need to do is copy the cd to the computer in windows media player and the sinc to you mp3 because that is what i had to do and it works now and i have the same one as you and the mp3 player does not come with instreuctions so it is sooo confusing

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which cd u talkin about? the songs in the computer

again, you dont appear to be very tech savy… your best bet is to call or email 866.sandisk (support@sandisk.com) to have them walk you through anything that you need.

He is referring to whatever music CD you have. Eminem for exmaple.

Just because you dont see a music folder does not mean much. You can create your own music folder and drag and drop your files to your liking. Check out the HOW TO VIDEOS to watch someone do it. They should help you out a lot.