I Can't find MP3 files I copied to my music folder on Sansa Fuse

Even though I copied the MP3 files to the music folder on my Sansa Fuze internal memory, I don’t find the files under

the “MUSIC” folder on my Sansa.  I used “My Computer” under Windows Vista and it copied the files to the :

SanDisk==>Sansa Fuse ==>Internal Memory=>Music.  The copy seems to have gone well.  I can even see the MP3 files

on the device with “My Computer” but when I unplug the player from my computer and try to play either songs or artists under

the Music Menu entry I don’t find any files of the Sansa Fuze.  Help???

Sounds like they are either missing ID3 tags, or the tags are of the wrong format. ID3 tags are where Sansa players get the info they display in their lists, not from the file names.