i accidentally erased the operating system from my sansa e270

i accidentally erased the operating system from my sansa e270 
and now i cannot start it up thar is a blank blak screen and it wont Monte on my mac (10.5.3)

 but the scrolling wehl is lit up i was paling around with the disk utility  and i formatted the hole thing 

p.s. please help me i see you understand with these things because of the script you made 

Looks like you need to have your unit in for RMA.

go here and look at the FAQ or “stickies” on top…

You might find what you need to do.



try resetting the player first then turn it on again.  if that didn’t work, there’s a chance that you formatted it using Mac OS extended.  try using recovery mode then drag a “sansa.fmt” file onto the player.  you have to use a windows machine on this one because the mac can’t write to any FAT12 drive. 


Did you mean FAT32? I haven’t seen FAT12 since the days of the Osborne I and the Kaypro CP/M machines.

Ah, the nostalgia.  Think I’ll go an fire up the old Kaypro 10 and play Air Traffic Controller.  I just need to find a keyboard cable.  A Kaypro keyboard cable is a standard Bell Telephone handset cord.

Cool stuff.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

you heard me right.  FAT12.

Off Topic:

speaking of nostalgia, played Diablo II the other day :smileyvery-happy: