How to switch off UDMA mode for SanDisk® Extreme® CompactFlash® Cards 16GB


I bought SanDisk CF card Extreme series - 16GB, I need switch off the UMDA mode. Is it possible? What utility should I use? Will the dmaonoff  utility ver 1.4 work properly with this card?

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these are retail cards. as far as i know there is no way to turn UDMA off. the card will simply work in UDMA mode in a UDMA host or in PIO mode in a PIO host. 

You can disable dma for your IDE controller in the BIOS, usually per channel (primary/secondary) and per device (master/slave). This will however only affect software that relies on BIOS services for disk access, such as bare MS-DOS (without a UDMA driver) and various bootloaders (perhaps including the NTLDR).