How to restore a Cruzer Blade USB 16GB to pristine new condition (reformat)

Windows 8.1

Cruzer Blade™ USB flash drive SDCZ50-016G

Obviously there is a simple way to overwrite / reformat everything to restore the USB to a pristine out-of-the-box condition by a tool supplied by sandisk (or by an operating system tool) ? It would be insane if such a tool didn’t exist.

I’m frustated at doing something I expected to be simple but can’t figure out. I’m very inexperienced with USB drives, so if I miss obvious things thats the reason.

How i messed up is less interesting than the solution to it. Anyway, I researched installing DEBIAN LINUX and used a tool to write a bootable ISO image to the USB. Worked fine, the writing that is, never tried booting. I then decided to write another slightly bigger DEBIAN LIVE ISO image to the USB, except I couldn’t because the first write had created a 1GB file system and the second write was a 1.3GB file system.

Fine, I just reformat it to mint condition, that should be real simple …

Tried format from Windows Explorer, seems theres a partition of 1GB so no cigar.

Found and used the windows diskpart  program

admin command prompt


list disk

select disk 2


My Sandisk is:  //Cruzer Blade™ USB flash drive SDCZ50-016G//

I messed it up a bit, how I messed it up is less interesting