How to Reset SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16GB to Default Setup/Settings

So I’m an idiot and used diskpart > clean on my flashdrive because I made a bootable USB with it that I no longer wanted. (Secondary question: How would you go about removing a bootable ISO and using the flashdrive regularly again and renaming it? I’m guessing the answer will be simple.) I want to know how to change it back to like it’s default setup.

Currently it’s still labeled/named “Windows 7 x64 (E: )” (the bootable ISO I created). When I click on the drive it tells me to insert a disk, as if there’s no disk there. Lastly, when I look at the properties it tells me the free space and the used space are both 0 bytes.

What do I do to set it up how it originally was?

Should’ve searched a little more before asking a question…

Here’s the answer: