How to reset a Clip+?

Hello! I’d like to reset my Clip+. I thought that holding down the power key for 20 seconds was supposed to do that. But it doesn’t work for me.


Many thanks,

That is the correct procedure, but some find a longer hold of the button is necessary for stubborn cases (sometimes up to a minute or more).

By the way . . . after holding down the button for the 20+ secs. you must release it, then press it again to turn the player on.

Maybe you have something else going on that a reset won’t fix. If you explain your predicament, maybe someone can help you.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

I’m only trying to reset my player because I suspect I have “double synced” my files to the device during my ongoing/unsuccessful efforts to figure out a good method to automatically sync iTunes podcasts under Windows 10 (see my other posting). So I’d like to clean out all the files and do a clean sync.


Ah, thought that might be the case.  The reset procedure above is for when your player freezes and similarly.  To wipe your user data, you most likely want to reformat your play–use the reformat option under the System settings menu.

To clear out all the files you put on the player, go to settings, system settings,>format. That won’t clear out files that you put on a memory card in the player, just those in internal memory.

Yeah, as Miikerman said, resetting the device won’t help you. You need to format it to erase all user-added content.

But having said that, I don’t know as it is possible to “double-sync”. The very idea or concept of syncing is to make 1 drive (your player) exactly the same file-wise as another drive (your computer). If your computer sees the file is already in place on the device, it should not add another one.

I’ll try the reformat option.

But I do think it’s possible to double sync. One sync was performed by the old Windows 7 sync service and another by the Windows 10 Media Player. So the two pieces of software may not know to “check each other’s work” and thus both may have made copies of my computer files onto my Clip+.

(I’m trying to figure out the best way to sync iTunes podcasts on my computer with my Clip+.)



Freeware to be aware of and even consider:  Microsoft’s freeware SyncToy.