How to Play One File Only?

Hi everyone…I’m a brand new Fuze 2Gb owner and I have a problem which I haven’t been able to resolve by reading the user manual <heh!> or searching this board <super!>.  I’m using the Fuze (primarily) to listen to stories and readings in MP3 format.  I’ve placed about a dozen files on my Fuze via Windows Explorer drag and drop directly into the Fuze’s “Audiobooks” folder.

My problem:  When one story ends, the next one immediately begins.  I don’t want the next file to play; I want quiet (since I listen while dozing off).

Is there some way to force the Fuze to play one file only and then be silent while it drifts off into its own “Sleep” mode (which I have set at 30 mins)?

By the way, I have “Ch. Mode” turned off.  (I even set “Shuffle” and “Repeat” off in “Music,” just in case that could have something to do with this.)

Thanks much!

Since no one here bothered to reply with even a “sorry, don’t know,” I continued to try to figure this out myself.  I’ve discovered a workaround and am posting it here for the benefit of any others who may wish to play one file only.  This is what I did:

I transferred my files (stories and readings in MP3 format, which I’d originally put in the Audiobooks folder) into Music -> Songs.  Note that this kludge will not work via the Audiobooks folder!

Then I selected a file to play.  When it started, I activated the “Push and Hold” button.

That operation copied the individual file to Playlist -> Go List.

When I wanted to play that file (and that file alone) while falling asleep, I navigated to Music -> Songs -> Playlist -> Go List.  I selected that file and played it.  At the end of the file, there was blessed silence.

Be sure to set your Power Saver or Sleep function to turn off the Fuze after x number of minutes.

This sounds like a good solution.

Thanks! That’s a really good idea. I also like going to sleep with music but it’s annoying having to physically stop the music and turn it off when I’m about to fall asleep.

By the way, you shouldn’t really be annoyed at people for not saying “sorry, I don’t know” because them saying that would be useless, and many people would get annoyed if they get an email saying that someone responded to their post and they end up finding out that some guy doesn’t know what to do. No one gains from that, and if everyone did that there would be 15 “I don’t knows” before you get any kind of answer :smiley:

P.S. what is the “sleep” function? I figure that power save is that if the player is on pause it turns off after x amount of minutes, but what is sleep?

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The sleep timer will turn off the player after a certain amount of time as the player is playing(or perhaps it may be in pause mode). The power saver starts its countdown when the player is inactive.

There have been a few threads about playing just one song.

I listed some methods to do it.

  1. Use the go list with just one song on it

  2. If you don’t use song ratings, then you could rate the chosen song 5 stars, then select play highest rated.

      The next day you could delete the rating, then rate another song 5 stars

the other methods I thought of involve preparing the file to be played when the pc is connected

  1. give it a unique album name then play that album

  2. put it alone in a folder then navigate by folders and choose that folder

  3. give it a unique genre, choose to play that genre

There are  other methods as well such as using playlists, and there may be others I haven’t thought of.

Thanks. So you’re saying that sleep mode turns it off even when it’s playing something, and power saver only turns it off if it’s paused?

Exactly!  The sleep function turns the device off after a selected time, and the power saver function turns of the device after inactivity while paused.


OH! Now I understand why it’s called sleep! It’s meant for someone who wants to go to sleep with music but they don’t want to have to turn it off! I feel so smart now :smileyvery-happy: