How to determine speed class.

I just bought a 16 GB micro SDHC memory card for my droid incredible cell phone. The sandisk display card that I handed to the clerk said it was a class #2 on the back of it. He took the card to the back of the store and returned with the actual micro memory card which I bought. When I got home, I didn’t see any class shown on the actual sandisk packaging. The memory card has 16GB with what looks like a small number 4 inside a circle to the rightof that. So how do I know I got what I paid for ? Thanks in advance.

You got a Class 4.

Is there an easy way I can test the cards speed ? Thanks again.

it is a class 4. you can download any benchmarking tool to test the speed. ATTO is one i would recomend. Make sure you use a card reader and not the cell phone when testing the speed. 


The Class depends upon the class ratings measure the minimum sustained speed required for recording an even rate of video onto the card. The class rating number corresponds to the transfer rate measured in megabytes per second.

So please check your card by transferring data preferably a video from computer to memory card through card reader and check the speed.

If your speed falls in the below pre defined category then you will come to know which Class is your memory card :-

Class                     memory speed

Class2                   2MB/s

Class4                   4MB/s

Class6                   6MB/s

Class8                   8MB/s

Class10                 10MB/s