How to delete the default (factory) songs for good ?


I bought an 8GB Sansa Clip+ last week and I was trying to delete the six songs that come with the player when you purchase it. I know there’s a function to delete songs right on the player, but that won’t delete the folders in which they are. So I was thinking it would be a better idea to delete the folder that they are in, right ?

Problem is, I can’t find these songs anywhere on my device ! According to the player, they’re in a folder called “MSC”, but it’s nowhere to be found. It’s not even a hidden folder. I checked everywhere and can’t find it ! The songs MUST be somewhere…

Can someone help please ? :slight_smile:

The sample songs are installed via MTP mode at the factory. The player has to be connected to your computer while set in that mode for you to be able to see & access them.

The simplest way to send them to the hereafter is to use the on-board Format function in Settings > System Settings. But . . . this will eradicate everything you’ve put on there as well. If you haven’t loaded 'er up yet, then go for it. Otherwise, switch your player to MTP mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode) and delete only the ‘freebies’.

Wow, thanks a bunch ! I’ll try that.

EDIT: Worked perfectly.

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Thanks for that tip :smiley: