Unwanted songs on 2GB Clip. Why?

I’m really pleased with my player.

But one thing bothers and confuses me. There are 2 songs that i didn’t put on my clip, that i don’t even have and looking into the music folder of the player should not even exist! when deleteting all the music files, the clip still plays those 2 songs. 

Seems they came with the player itself and are crypted, hidden or something.

Has someone else the same problem?

How can I get rid of them? They are extremely annoying when playing in shuffle mode. One is a stupid ballad/pop-song with a man-voice and the other this kind of new urban/rnb crap with everyone shouting “holla”. :neutral_face:

The Clips do ship with a few songs. They are put on the player in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode. Files put on the Clip in MTP mode cannot be seen in MSC (Mass Storage Class) mode and vice versa. So deleting all files in MSC mode will leave the files you mention on the player.

One solution would be to use the player itself to delete the songs.

A second option would be to switch to MTP mode and use (for example) Windows Media Player to remove the files.

The first option would definitely be easier if you aren’t familiar with MTP mode.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

All Sansa players come with sample songs already installed. Kinda the same reason they include those crappy earbuds; so when you open up the box you can play with your new toy right away, satisfying your ‘instant gratification’ jones. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve actually had people who liked these ‘freebie’ tunes and have mistakenly deleted them from their player. They come here looking for where to go to download them again. So . . . different strokes for different folks. :wink:

The samples are put on in MTP mode. If you are connecting your player in MSC mode, you will not be able to see them, so therefore you can’t delete them either. Switch your player to MTP mode, re-connect to your computer, and now in Windows Explorer, you should be able to seek out and destroy any and all “stupid-ballad-pop-man-voice-urban-rap-crap-holla-holla” songs you don’t care for. :smileyvery-happy:

(Don’t forget to switch the USB mode back on your player when you’re done if MSC is your preferred ‘mode-operandi’)

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