How to Change to MSC Mode Sansa Express 1GB

Hi, I went into settings like the instructions said but i didnt see any USB option to open so I cant figure out how to get into MSC mode to do any updates.

If anyone could help me on this it would be great, thanks!


Maybe if you had a Sansa Express 1GB in hand and tried to select the MSC mode you would discover the manual is incorrect regarding the instructions for this model: 

Q: How to change to MSC mode:
A: On your Sansa device, press “menu” and go to “Settings” then “USB” choose “MSC”

Ok, go ahead and try it… that option is not there, is it?

Here is what is listed “Settings” - 





FM Settings


reset all


System Info

Notice that “USB” option is not present. 

RTFM, indeed. 

FYI -  I was able to update the firmware without changing any settings. 

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