How much better can it get?

I have been a Yahoo! Music subscriber for awhile now (I have the Yahoo! Music To-Go package) and the Connect is like the perfect companion device in my opinion.  Sure it has some flaws, but it is also pushing the envelope with this type of experience, and with the new price point, it’s the “must have” device for Yahoo! Music subscribers.

But how much better can it get?

Here is my wish list* based on things that I believe are possible with the device.  These are practical ideas, not things like “make my coffee”, though that would be cool. :robotwink:

  1. Fully integrated artist/album search for Yahoo! Music.  This must be a number one for the dev team, but I could be wrong.

  2. Access to your PC Yahoo! Music Library.  That may be a little difficult, so #1 would be just as good. :smiley:

  3. An “on-the-fly” playlist.  Basically a temporary playlist that you can add albums/songs.  A queue of sorts.

  4. View “other albums by this artist”.

  5. Top albums, as well as songs, in the Yahoo! recommendations section.

  6. The ability to view “more info” on an artist.  Could be locked down to Wi-fi mode only so as not to waste any memory. 

6.  Download images to the Connect via your personal Flickr albums (microSD or internal).

  1. Yahoo! News feed?

Anyone else have any other ideas?

* Even as it is this player is awesome if you are a Yahoo! Music subscriber.

I second your thoughts on what a great device this is.  I wish that Sansa and Yahoo would do more to promote it.  Where are the (expensive) TV ads?  This player has an unbeatable value proposition.  It just needs to be promoted.

As far as things I’d like to see:

  1. Better integration with Yahoo Music.  Everything I create and load on my player shows up on my PC.
  2. A deep podcast line up.  It would be huge to be able to scroll through IT conversations or BBC podcasts. 


I want to type in an SSID.  I don’t use any encryption on my network , but I don’t broadcast the name, either.  That seems to work fine and I don’t have to deal with passcodes.  The Connect right now is trying to force me to use network security or invite everyone on to my network.

Rather than deal with that, I use my neighbor’s unsecure network because he broadcasts his SSID.

Of course I want to search for an artist or song directly.  I can’t believe that the Connect doesn’t have this feature, and that there is no explanation why.  Makes me think there’s a legal reason behind it that they don’t want us to know. (meaning it may never happen.)

While we’re at it, I’d really really like to be able to scroll backwards from ‘A’.  When I access “My Music”, it starts the list at ‘A’, and if I want a song that starts with ‘W’, for example, I have to go the long way to get there.  This is another really odd oversight on this thing. 

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@cbreeze wrote:

  1. Yahoo! News feed?

I like your thinking. Some times I just really want to see what’s in the news.

you can import music from spotify to google music / apple music / etc or vice versa ).
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