How Is The Shuffle Option On The Clip Sport

Thinking about getting one of these for myself but I have heard that the shuffle feature isn’t that great on these.  The information I did read however was old so I am wondering how the shuffle option is currently.  I just want to be able to have the player go through my whole library without having to worry about songs playing over and over.  I understand that turning the device off probably resets the shuffle which is fine.  Thanks. 

The shuffle function works well IMO. You just have to be aware that the database is split between internal and external memory and limited to 2000 songs for each. If your music library is larger than that, you have still access to all of them via folder view, which means without database involvement. Also, if it’s organized in a folder structure, shuffle play will be stuck within the selected folder. With all files in one big folder it will work better, but this will slow down the player considerably. Another workaround would be a playlist comprising all music files on the external MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC card – which indeed works, although in my case the Sport doesn’t accept ~58 of 4272 files (on a 64 GB card) for unknown reason.

Or, purchase a Clip+ or Clip Zip and not have many of these issues.