How frequently is the SD card refreshed?

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I was wondering how the Clip+ detects changes on the SD card. I presume, changes can only be detected when the media database on the clip is refreshed (which may take a couple of minutes). If you use an SD card, is such a refresh made everytime the Clip+ is turned on? Or does it somehow detect if the SD card has been removed, modified (e.g. in a card reader), and then re-inserted, even though the Clip+ has been turned off all the time?

Basically, my question is, whether a database refresh is made when (always assuming an inserted SD card):

  1. The Clip is turned off and then on again

  2. The Clip is turned off, the SD card removed and re-inserted, and then turned on

  3. The Clip is turned off, the SD card removed, modified, and re-inserted, and then turned on

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The Clip+ detects a µSD card swap even if the device is turned off.  You will have a database refresh following this change (including removal / reinsertion of the same card).  Once the card is recognized, the database will need refreshing only if there has been a file transfer.


The Clip+ seems to refresh only when:

  1. you remove and/or insert a card (even if it is the same card with no changes)

  2. you remove the connection to a computer (even if you didn’t make any changes)

If MTP mode is used, the database refresh will only take place if there is a file transfer, or a swap of the µSD card.