Every time the database is updated

Every time the database is updated.
It is updated only if a memory card is inserted. Without a memory card, it works as expected.
I tried different cards, of different sizes, formatted both in the player and on the computer - all to no avail! There is no card - it works as it should, inserted a card - it is updated.
Moreover, it updates these databases even if the card is empty, formatted, even in the player, even on the computer.
I updated the firmware, installed both 16 and 18 versions. I tried everything for a long press of buttons and their combinations. Does not help.
These updates began after the death of the player from the installation of the rockbox and its resurrection, through the closure of contacts and firmware, through HPUSBFW.

It turns out with these updates, as if, each time you turn it on, a memory card is inserted into it and it starts to update the database. He does not see the card or does not remember, when turned off, that it is in it.
The metable.sys file is fouled and data in it is not lost when it is turned off.
How and how does it determine that the database needs to be updated?
What else can you try? Maybe where is the “garbage" left from the rockbox, although it was formatted completely during animation?