how do I watch movies I have on a usbotg-sda drive?

I am a newbie on an Acer A3 tablet I just bought.  I put several mp4 movies on a usbotg-sda drive.  I tried playing bsplayer, mxplayer and vlc and none of them  show the drive,  folder, movies I have on there.  Is there a Manual that tells me how to play these??  

thanks for any help on this.


i think that you first need to make sure that your host device support the OTG feature and then all the usb flash drives that are compatible will be activated automatically by the host. so if you are sure that the host device support OTG you can navigate to the files inside and play them like any other files you have stored in your device with the compatible players.

Those videos should play at VLC but it doesn’t for some reason. Have you tried another video file so far? <img src=“”/>