How do I separate my videos?

Well, I’m thankful that I can at least put videos in my player now, but I would like to know how I can separate my videos?

Right now, they’re all in one folder called “Videos A-Z”, but this can get a little big when I have tons of videos. How can I make other categories so that all of my videos aren’t in ONE place? Thanks!


It’s unfortunatly impossible to do that. If you’re tech savvy enough and have a rev.1 fuze, you can always rockbox your fuze.

Unfortunatly even folder navigation fails you using OF.

RockBox is fine, but video playback is glitchy… and you’d have to re-convert them…

I’d stick with the original firmware for video until RockBox mpeg playback is fixed.  Try renaming the files to get them into a better order if that helps