How do I convert my CDs to MP3s?

I was just gifted an MP3 player and so if this may seem rather simple to you, please bear with me. I noticed the music files on the e260 are MP3s and small in size as compared to CD music files.  I didn’t see where the Sansa Media Converter could convert the CD but I can convert the CD to WMA files using Windows Media Player however they are maybe 10X the size.

Am I missing something simple here or do I need to purchase a software product that will convert the CD files (or WMA files) to MP3 files? And if so, what is recommended?

I just use WMP to rip the CD to the computer.  You can make either mp3 or wma format (whichever you prefer)–you can adjust which format and which file size by going to the “Tools” menu.  Select “options…”  This pulls up the options box.  Select the Copy Music tab.  This is where you can select the format type and size it uses when making the file (higher sample rate generally means better quality, but also means larger file size).

Other (free) audio programs can do similar things (you just have to look through preferences, options, settings or other similar headings to find where to make the adjustments).  I use windows media player because it’s on all of my family’s computers.

Thanks CraigP!

CDex and EAC are both very  popular. Excellent error correction and other facilities.

can be downloded  free from places like

Another place for more info is hydrogenaudio forum at