How Can I check my Sansa Clip Battery ????

I got a new SANSA CLIP. All seems to work just fine but the battery.

Should It give me 15 Hours of play?? It does not !!!

How can I verify it for sure ??  I’ve fully charge it now (100% full after 4 Hours of charge). Should I just let it work nonstop ??? in which mode ?? Is there some other check ??


Load some 128kbps MP3 files and play them and repeat until battery dies.  If it is much less than 15 (10-12 hours), then there may be a problem.



I will try.

Remember that there are many factors in the “real world” that will affect power consumption, and subsequent battery performance.

Number one on the list is the file type and data rate.  The champion for popular quality versus size is the venerable 128kbps mp3 file.  Easy on the Clip, decoding is simple, and reasonable audio quality.  If you have DRM-enabled data, wma files and higher data rates, the Clip has more processing to do.

Number two is the output load.  The “stock” headphones are 16 ohm open type buds.  Depending upon the ambient noise level, they have to be turmed up a bit.  With an in-ear type, like the JVC Air Cushions, the volume need not be nearly as high, since they are more efficient.  I have some big driver Macally headphones that are 32 ohm: less efficient, but higher impedance.

As I feel it to be the equivalent offense to plopping ice cubes in a glass of cabernet (or heaven forbid a single malt!), the Clip is capable of wonderful sound, so I won’t go lower than 160kbps wma, preferring 192 or 256 for imported CDs.  I venture into the lower rates for podcasts and books, where the source is speech, not requiring much in the fidelity department, nor in the processing arena. Still, running Rhapsody music at 160/wma/DRM, I get 12 hours, including regular pauses.

Be sure to have the latest version 1.01.29 firmware, as power management has been improved in subsequent FW updates.

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How can i check my battery level?

@maryel wrote:

How can i check my battery level?

Did you read the user’s manual?

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The battery charge symbol  is at the upper right of the screen and is yellow battery showing how much charge is left.

A very simple solution to extend you Clips battery life is to not play the Clip so loudly. The lower the volume the longer the battery will last between charges.