How about a version of the Sport with longer battery life?

While some(including myself) are frustrated that the Sport isn’t Rockboxable, getting 2/3 more battery life than the Clip Zip using a battery 25% smaller is a great increase in power efficiency. This 120% increase in power efficiency is quite nice. It would be great though to be able to buy a version of the Clip Sport with 16GB built in memory, and a 440 mah battery(double the size of what the Sport has) built in, giving 50 hours of play time. I’m wondering if such a player could be priced at $80. Due to the 2000 song limit for each or card memory and internal memory, many will decide to use just a 16GB card in the player, as they already reach the 2000 song limit in under 16GB, as I did using 256kbps mp3 files. This makes having 16GB built in storage so much more useful.

Perhaps $70 or under would be much better.