Home button no longer works

One day I turned on the player, after loading new music, and the Home button didn’t work.  I got into things I didn’t want to be in, like recording voice, and couldn’t get out.  The buttons didn’t seem to work.

Eventually, I figured out that I can do what I need to do by turning the wheel thing and choosing there.

But is there any way to do it the old way and use the Home button to get back to home?

I just updated the firmware but that didn’t help.  Is this a sign the player is about to fail?

How old is the player?

It’s probaby some mechanical thing with the wheel. How about slipping the corner of a sheet of paper under the wheel and going

all around to dislodge any dust or particle?

The wheel works but the home button doesn’t.  If there is dust in the button, I don’t see a way to clean it out.

I think it’s about 3 years old.  I don’t use it a lot.

You might be able to use some canned/compressed air. They sell it at OfficeMax, Office Depot, places like that to clean out keyboards and computers.