High Total Nand Writes

I’m using a SandiskSSD Plus 240gb over a year. It has really high total nand writes and it’s increasing even tho host write is low. First months it was going almost same and didn’t check it untill today. Now it looks so bad. It will be dead in a 6months if goes like that isn’t it ?


And within 10minutes it increased 20gb. I guess it’s broken ?


Releasing 50gb free space stopped increasing total nand writes.  Is this a faulty drive?

Hi Regular, 

Please download the SanDisk SSD Dashboard and update to latest firmware on your SSD

If you continue to see this after firmware update please contact SanDisk support for more assistance

After contacting with support and provide the detailed problem support closed, and ignored the ticket.

SSD is still doing idle nand writes in itself if 200~gb or more used in the ssd.

Hello Regular,

I checked with the SanDisk support team and your incident has not been closed. your incident was escalated so a a support engineer can look over your support request. Someone from the SanDisk support team should be in further contact with you soon. 

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