Total NAND Writes are 181 times the Total Host Writes! Please help!

Hi, I recently ran CrystalDiskInfo 7.5.0 on my two years old SanDisk SSD, and I was shocked to see that the ratio of writes of NAND to Host was greater than 181. How in the world is it possible and what does it mean? I mean, the disk has stayed up for only 206 hours and Total Host Writes are just 375 GB. How in the world can Total NAND Writes be 67894 GB?

Further, it has been about 30 minutes since I took the screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo, and in these 30 minutes the Total NAND Writes number has gone up by 19 GB, whereas Total Host Writes is constant at 375 GB [because I didn’t write anything to the disk].

Please help!

Also, I would like to add that this problem I’m facing is a part of a larger problem I recently faced with my SSD. I’ve described the problem in detail at the link below, should anyone be interested.

what FW is on the SSD? Install the sandisk ssd dashboard and check if there is a FW update available. there was a write amplification issue with one of the older FW versions IIRC. that could explain what you are seeing. Since it is pretty bad at this point you would probably need to contact sandisk support for a warranty replacement and make sure the FW is up to date on the new one when you receive it. 

There’s no option of getting the SSD replaced in India. I thoroughly searched on the Web, and it seems that several SanDisk SSD Plus users have faced high WAF issues, though I didn’t find any with WAF value as high as mine [>181]. It seems like this disk model itself is problematic. I had to urgently order ADATA XPG SX930 240 GB business-grade SSD as a replacement for this strange SanDisk SSD. I’ve shifted all my data to the XPG SSD. Hopefully someone can figure out why this WAF issue happened in the first place and how to, if possible, solve it!

SanDisk’s Dashboard software says that the firmware is current. So there seems to be little hope that anything can be done for this issue.

@rishabhsingla wrote:

There’s no option of getting the SSD replaced in India.

Yes there is, 

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