Help - SDHC 8GB card only reading as 1.75GB

I’m having a problem w/my 8GB card reading as 1.75GB.  I scrolled through the forum and followed a suggested fix - which was to download and reformat with the SD Formatter software, but this tool only offered a reformat to 1.75GB?  

Any suggestions to get this tool to allow re-format as 8GB or another approach to resolve this memory card issue?  


Also - for sake of clarity I’m using a Kingston USB adapter to read the card via my PC.  That said, I also have 32GB microSD and that card reads fine using the same Kingston USB adapter…  

I’d appreciate any help/insight… :wink:

Solvd probem - I went ahead with the SDFormatter even though it did not look right… net out was after reformatting the card attributed changed from FAT 2GB to FAT32 8GB so all is good…  Thanks.