Help Regd SanDisk SD cards

Hi All,

I am trying to find the correct way to approach SanDisk engineers who can help with my developement effort where we plan to use SanDisk micro SD card 4GB in embedded environemnt. My question is as follows,

I know that SandDisk Micro SD cards have bad block detection and re-mapping capability. The default mode for an SD card is the 4 bit SD interface. When using the SPI interface does anyone know if the SD card will still do this automatic bad block detection and re-mapping? Based on my reading the SanDisk OEM Product Manual

“The SPI Mode is a secondary communication protocol for cards in the SanDisk microSD Card Product Family. This mode is a subset of the SD Protocol, designed to communicate with an SPI channel, commonly found in Motorola and other vendors’ microcontrollers. Detailed information about SPI Mode can be found in Section 7 or the SDA Physical Layer Specification, Version 3.01.”

This does not seem to clarify my doubt. Does anyone know the answer?

I also would like to know if there are any libraries already present in SanDisk which allows me to use SD interface? Sample code will also help.



Hi Chan,

For more certainty, also you can send the question to the SanDisk Support Team :

Regards, Alfred.