Facing issue with SPI protocol communication

We are using miroSD card in our Data logger in SPI communication mode.

Earlier we use microSD 8 GB cards of SanDisk with our device which was working properly. 

Now we have purchase new 8 GB cards from market which are not working properly.

In new cards, We notice initialization of cards work properly. All register are showing proper values. Also if we do writing operation on card without reading the card we get proper response from card. But if we read the card data it show first 6 byte properly after that it show same fix pattern of data and after first reading operation if we execute any command we get illegal command and idle state in response.

Please give us any suggestion regarding the problem or if you can give us demo code please send us.


in that case i suggest contacting the sandisk official oem channel that is specialized on these kind of products and have more specific information about these issue. because this is a normal user forum and i dont think that anyone can answer your request.

you can find the oem channel here


Hi Vijay,

I am working a project similar to yours. And we are facing the same problem as your.

Could you please help me how you worked around this problem.

Thank you,