Spi mode and 4gbyte uSD card

Hello, my question is concerned with the compatibility between spi mode in all usd SanDisk cards, because I have an application written in spi mode in a msp430 microcontroller  which works fine with usd card from 128 up to 2 gb and get error or impossibilty to enter in spi mode when i use a 4gbyte usd card, Does any one could explain why?

thanks for the help

Cards 4GB to 32GB are a different spec. SD2.0 SDHC cards. That is probably your problem. Hardware and software must support the 2.0 spec. Additionally 32 and higher are SD 3.0 SDXC so you would need to support that as well. 

sdcard.org has all public info if you need more than what is there you will need to become a member of the sd association. 

Thanks for your quick response, but when you talk about 2.0 spec . you include the spi mode or  you are talking about  the propietary  SD operation mode ,  Please can you be a litlle more specific about the differebces between 2 and 4 GB cards,

its best if you check SDcard.org for the info.