HELP, need parts...

Ya, i plug my phones in and only one side works, tried a few earphones but its always the same. I took it all apart and the piece that the phones plug into is not soldered and easily changeable so now my question: is it possible to order this part anywhere or am i screwed???

if you are with in the 1 year warranty sandisk will replace the device for you. contact sandisk technical support

ouch. opening the player voids the warranty…
(i actually opened mine) :smileyvery-happy:

marqck wrote:
ouch. opening the player voids the warranty…
(i actually opened mine) :smileyvery-happy:

if opening the player voided the warranty they would not have made you open the player to change tha battery

I’m confused - in another thread, a person said they had to open their player to get the serial number so they could register their player. And the Sansa website says the e200 battery is considered to be user replaceable. You have to open the case to replace the battery, right?

Oh dear …

Opening to get at the battery is a completely different thing than opening to get at the headphone jack, mmmmna. You can unscrew the back of the player to get the serial number and not void the warranty.

However, what the OP did was actually take his Sansa apart to get at the internal workings.

Unfortunately SanDisk doesn’t send out parts to the players and because it’s been taken apart the warranty *is* void - however there is the great hope known as E-Bay

There are constantly ‘bricked’ players on there that are either great for parts or totally fixable (if you know what you’re doing). Unfortunately, I think that’s going to be the only option to replace your faulty headphone jack at this point.

Good luck!