C100 - Audio only on one earphone

I am only getting audio through one side of the headphones when playing MP3 or radio on my Sansa C140.  The headphone works OK on other players and other headphones have the same problem on the Sansa.  Other than the audio problem, the player seems to be working fine.

If anyone can suggest a non-invasive way to fix this (“system reset?”)   I would appreciate it.  Otherwise, does anyone know how to open the Sansa (it’s way out or warranty) to see if I just have a loose/broken connection on the headphone jack?  I can’t find any screws and whatever is holding it together has so far resisted the the gentle attempts that I’ve made to date.

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its probably the soldering on the headphone jack that has became loose. If you are still under the year warranty, sandisk will replace it.

Unfortunately, it’s out of warranty - I’ve had it about two years.  It would most lokely cost about as much to send it in for repair than it would to buy a new one, but I hate chucking something that might be fixable with just a little work…  That’s why I’m trying to figure out how to open it up to work on.

from my experience its usually a direct solder of the headphonejack and the board on the player. a simple re-soldering(from what i’ve read, not tried) usually address the issue.

Yes, but how do I open it up to get at the board?

just do some researchon it, everything is on the internet buddy. If its not on the internet, it doesnt exist.

I have researched and had already found the site you referenced even before making this post.  Unfortunately, the C200’s and the C100’s seem to be put together differently.   No visible screws (at least not on mine) and no stickers to hide them under.  No clips or screws under the battery.  The C100 looks to be put together in three major pieces.  I can fit a finger nail/thin blade in the seams and have done some probing for clips or anything else that might be holding the thing together.  No luck so far.  I was hoping someone on the forum either managed to get theirs apart or could at least give some insight on how it’s held together.

for some reason i thought you had a c200, silly me. Maybe its made to avoid people taking it apart? glued together or something, idk. Ill do some more research on it a bit later and see what i find

Thanks…  Let me know if you find anything.  I’ll post anything I find here too.  There doesn’t seem to be much on the web, but someone out there has to know how these things are put together…

I finally got an answer on a different forum.  See http://www.fixya.com/support/t202800-open_up_sansa_c140 for the details.