I was wondering if anyone has been able to take their unit apart?  I need to replace the headphone jack and cant seem to get that part of the unit to come loose from the rest.  Any help would be GREAT!! 



Well I know if you open the thing up your void your warrenty
I’d just call if your still covered by the one year , if not well Good luck to ya.
They seem difficult to open looking at it.

I know there is no warranty.  I am thinking  there is another screw somewhere but I dont know for sure.  I just want to fix it.  I got it for only 12.00 so its no great loos if I break it but its nice to have. 

When I got mine, I looked it over ( without actually trying anything ) to see how it came apart, because I know that eventually I will have to replace the CMOS battery and that it probably will be out of warranty when I do. Did you try the two screws inside the battery comaprtment?

There is only one screw on the back of mine.  I took the battery out and there is nothing there.

The guy that talked bout CMOS battery must have another model…

the m200 uses AAA and really has only one screw… maybe after you release it ya have to force the 2 parts that are connected (you can feel/see the gap between them)… but I think you´ll probably brake your player cause this thing is hell fragile (made in China)

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After removal of the screw by the battery I can pop the player apart from the back/bottom but when I get to the part where the usb plug is is where I am having problems.  I figured it might be plastic welded.  I guess for the price you use them till they break and trash them when they die.  Gotta love the the way we think as pepole.  Build them chep so we can throw them away instead of fixing them. 

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i was just now able to get it apart…

it did require just a little force, but as far as i can tell it’s not broken.

i had the same issue with the USB/headphone jack end…

what i did was bend it as much as i could before getting slightly nervous that a little more pressure would break it… then i wedged a small flathead screwdriver as close to the spot where the two plastic halfs met… a little twist on the screwdriver would open it up more. the part at the very end was toughest… there is a “lock” on the side with the clear screen and you can probably wedge that out, hopefully without breaking…

i had the same headphone jack problem, about to try and fix that (i think in my case it’ll be a matter of bending the metal contacts)… as far as putting the thing back together, we’ll see how it works out!!!