HELP! My Sandisk Ultra is BROKEN!

I apologize, but I do not have the SD card with me at the moment. But I do know the information about the card and the information about my camera so here we go.

About a year ago I got a new camera, and with that camera I got a new SD card. 

For my SD Card, I got the ‘SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 Memory Card’ 

Link for SD Card -

And when I first got it it worked like a charm! Now, it will record for about a minute and stop recording ‘due to insufficient write speed on the memory card’

This frustrated me, so I contacted one of my friends and told them about my problem.

They suggested it was my camera, but I’m not so sure.

Link to my camera -

So, can someone tell me? My camera records in 1080p60fps and I’m not sure if Ultra cards are supposed to be used for that high of quaity.

Should I buy the Sandisk Extreme 32GB Micro SD? Because that’s what I’m considering.

Link to Sandisk Extreme Micro SD -

Thanks! -James