HELP-I plug my usb flash drive in my computer and it says there is nothing on it.

My usb was working perfectly a few months ago. now my computer says there in nothing in this folder when i plug it in the computer. i know for a fact there is something on this usb because when i plug it into my dads pc and the macs at school it says there is things on it and there isnt any problems when i use it on them. plus my mom has one and i plug that one in on my computer and it shows up on my computer with no problem and it shows that there are things on it. i need help solving this issue if it even can be solved.

when the flash drive is plugged into my computer it shows that the folder is empty yet it shows 3.75 mb free space left.Please help

I have the same problem and I think that the files are backed up to your Pc only and that is why you cant see your files on others PC