Device Mgr & Disk Mgt see flash drive, but My Computer says it's not there

I’ve had this problem no matter what computer I put the flash drive in, but just for the record, all my computers are using Windows XP Pro with SP3. So, here’s the issue:

Windows Explorer (or My Computer) shows “Removable Disk” and assigns a drive letter when I plug the flash drive in, but if I click on that drive it says "Please insert a disk into drive . . . " whatever the letter is. I’ve gone into Disk Management and changed the drive letter. No good, same problem, different letter. I’ve removed the flash drive, gone into Disk Management and deleted the drive; still no good. I’ve done the same thing with the flash drive still plugged in. Either way, the “drive” letter just comes back when I re-insert the flash drive.

I’ve checked Device Manager and seen that it DOES recognize the disk and claims it’s working properly. And in Properties, under the Volumes tab I have clicked “Populate” and all the right data appears, (except that it shows all the space on the drive as unallocated - when in fact there’s several gigs of files and directories on it). Also, I’ve uninstalled it from the Device Mgr, rebooted and seen the New Hardware balloon come up, even showing in that balloon that it’s a disk drive of the correct brand, etc. Still no good. Cannot convince My Computer or Windows Explorer that there is a “disk in the drive.”

At this point I am about ready to go ahead and lose the data and reformat the flash drive, except that THAT IS NOT AN OPTION EITHER, since it still says there’s no disk in the drive!

So, if anyone knows of a solution, I’d be eternally grateful if you would share it.

this is a bad drive. if it is still underwarranty it will need to be replaced. 

Actually, if the drive is bad, it’s going to need to be repaced whether under warranty or not.  The warranty only applies to how much the replacement is going to cost.  :wink:

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