Can't view files!

i bought a 4.0 GB flash drive and it always worked well but now when i try to view my pics, i can’t, no folders appear. Not even documents but when when i go look for my flash drive in my computer it says that there are 2.0 GB left so that means that are files in my flash drive but i cant view them. Is there anybody who knows whats wrong and how to fix it? Please help!

It sounds like a Windows problem.  Try the flash drive in a different pc and see if that helps.

Same here. I have an 8 GB flash drive. I put 3 gbs of file in the Sandisk secure access vault the day I got it, and now when I go back to the vault, it is not there. I see that there is 3 gbs of space occupied in that flash drive, but there is no folder…

Try saving a file here not from secure access. If you can see it, then there’s probably a misconfiguration on secure access, the reason why you can’t see it.