help!!!! I Had unknowingly formatted 16 MB recovery drive.

First my sansa e250 used to stuck in data refresh…and i tried to solve it from recovery mode,but i formatted the drive and unplug the device from pc.

Now when i turn it on only the blue ring glow.

I cant go to to either recover mode or manufacture mode.

please help me.

what might be the solution for this  problem?.

Only one fix I know of for this. It requires Linux and a fair bit of computer savvy.

Consult the Blue Ring Of Death thread.

Good Luck!

Basic steps are:

Boot device into manufactoring mode

Use e200tool in linux (i strongly recommend not using the Windows version as it basically never works) to talk to the device

Upload a new firmware file to RAM

Reboot into the new firmware in RAM

Use the new firmware to get into recovery mode, then do a firmware update (copies the firmware from RAM to flash)

That fixes your player.  However its really hard to do. 

You will have to restore the reserved partition using Ubuntu (you can use other linux distributions, though Ubuntu is great from CD).  Here’s a description courtesy of anythingbutipod.

There’s a blog somewhere with a cool pictorial guide.  When I get home, I’ll try to locate it for you.

Well, all right!  My wife is going to be mad at me for hanging around in the workshop anyway.  I found it for you here.  Good luck!  The last guide should make it much easier.  This problem occurs if the 16MB FORMAT partition is actually formatted, as you’ve discovered.  This is why we always try to make a warning statement before proceeding in the recovery mode / reserved partition area.

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Deleting or formatting won’t make the data in your memory card erased permanently. These data are just not accessible at the short moment. If you deleted important data in your memory card, they are not deleted as a matter of fact just the index entry or FAT or NTFS marked the data as free space for new data to save. If you formatted the memory card, you simply rewrited or updated the FAT table or NTFS table which manage all the data storage process.

All in all you still have great chances to recover your lost data in the memory card. And the most effective way to do that is by relying on a recovery program. Try TestDisk, Recuva or Wondershare Data Recovery.

Strange, I don’t see anyone asking for help in this thread to recover lost data on a memory card.

I believe then, that while your suggestions may help with what you say (except for the obvious & offensive spam links), your post is .

Well, I see good intentions, actually.  Recovering data is possible after one uses the delete function.  When we delete a file, the memory area used previously by this file is made available.  Formatting a data area is quite different, as a null character is written to the entire data area

Using a magnetic drive, there are methods of recovering the “ghost” data that has been overwritten.  This is why we use special formatting software for secure data, which rewrites the area several times.  Recovering the data following a flash memory format is not possible using this method.

I don’t have any “red” data on my Sansa, so no worries.

Using the guides I provided above, you can rewrite the reserved partition and recover your v1 (PortalPlayer processor) e200.  It just takes a wee bit of time and concentration, especially if working in Linux isn’t familiar territory.

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For your case, you can try to use the 3rd-party recovery software to recover formatted data, you know, the formatted data still in the hard drive memory, as long as they won’t be overwritten by new data,  you can recovery it ,and the recover feature of the hard drive work based on this principle. Therefore,  the 3rd-party recovery tool work as well, you can try to use it, know more here: Formatted hard drive data recovery

2 year old thread?

‘Recommendation’ for recovery software?

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