Help – Cannot Play wav Files on Fuse

I just bought a Sansa Fuse today for one purpose only:  to playback .wav files (created by me from Cakewalk Sonar for music accompaniment while I perform).  After loading a few .wav files into Fuse (no problem), whenever I try to play them, Fuse ignores them by cycling threw the file names over and over again, as though it does recognize the .wav format.  It also says “ unknown, unknown” where the artist or album name might me.  Of course, I created these .wav files. 


How can I play my .wav files on my Fuse?  The ONLY reason I bought the Fuse is because it was one of the few players that are advertized to play the .wav format.  What went wrong? 





.WAV is not saying all that much about the content of your files. (WAV file compression codecs compared)

I am guessing Cakewalk Sonar is producing .wav files that are not compatible with the Fuze. Also the tags you are expecting to work are something non-standard.

Searching the forum here for ‘wav’ gets a fair amount of threads with people who share your problem and some suggestions for solutions/alternatives.

Uncompressed .wav should work apparently, but more often than not people seem to request encoding as FLAC instead. FLAC works very well, has tag support and has losless compression.

Thanks but I don’t understand.  The ONLY reason I bought the Fuse was to play my wav files, and the Fuse is advertised to play wav files.  Based on a brief search of this Forum, it seems people are converting their wav files to something else (various other formats that compress the music).  Is it true that Fuse can only play certain types of wav files, and my type is not one of them?


I am really ignorant about all these different types of audio formats, and don’t have much time to learn them.  Can someone please provide me specific instructions on how I can easily convert my wav files to a format that does not noticeably loose audio quality and can be played by Fuse with no problems?  (If not, it looks like I need to return my Fuse to Best Buy.)  Thanks.



A guy on another forum help sove the problem.  I previously created my wav files in 32 bit.  I changed to 16 bit and it works in Fuse!  Not sure about sound quality degredation though.


You could try converting them with an audio converter,i’ve done this with good results.

To see the details of what your files are, you can get the free G-spot

It will tell you more than you’d ever want to know about your files.

But as the post above shows, there are many varieties of .wav. A professional music program like Cakewalk probably gives you high-definition 24-bit or 32-bit files–G-spot will tell you. Whereas a consumer device like the Fuze probably assumes the .wav files are 16-bit, like a CD.  If CD quality is good enough for you–it is for me–you should be able to make your files playable on the Fuze. 

You could convert to 16-bit .wav. You could also save a little bit of space by converting to FLAC, which is lossless–it does not change the sound quality (LAC = lossless audio codec).  See if Media Coder, which is also free, can convert your flavor of .wav files to FLAC. 

Thanks.  The sound quality using 16 bit WAV seems fine.  I tested the same file saving it with different sample rates from 44100 to 96000.  I believe I noticed an improvement at 48000, and possibly even better that 88200, but no improvement at 96000.  Do you think 4800 and 88200 provide noticeably better sound quality than 44100 with 16 bit, or am I just imagining it?   (For now, I have no need to save file space by converting to FLAC, but I will keep it in mind.)  Thanks.